What is Palette?

PALETTE® (Progressive Aesthetic Learning Essential to Technical Expertise) is an innovative educational program on nonsurgical facial rejuvenation that provides a continuum of learning opportunities and hands-on instruction for clinicians with any level of experience.

Hands-on workshops are part of the PALETTE educational initiative. Each hands-on workshop will provide physicians and other healthcare professionals with an intensive immersion into the art and science of facial aesthetics.

Please don't forget!

Bring your model and your FDA-approved, injectable agents (obtained from a valid US distributor) to learn advanced injection techniques from the experts in facial aesthectics.

Dr. Adam J. Scheiner is a world-renowned Laser Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgeon. He is best known for perfecting a treatment for festoons, one of the most pervasive (and often incorrectly) treated forms of eyelid bags, and treats patients from around the globe with his proprietary RESET® Festoon Laser treatment.

Dr. Scheiner received his medical training at the University of Pennsylvania and a private fellowship in Oklahoma City. He regularly delivers lectures on his techniques to other doctors and contributes to books and periodicals.

Dr. Scheiner has been a featured health expert on The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors TV Show, The Howard Stern Show, and in The New York Post and The Boston Herald, and on local and national affiliates of Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC.

Dr. Scheiner’s new book, The True Definition of Beauty (now available on Amazon), provides an insightful look into the nonverbal cues our appearances give and how we can optimize them to better communicate with the world around us.

The foundation of Dr. Scheiner’s private practice is a methodology that combines safe, cutting-edge facial cosmetic surgery techniques with the most advanced non-surgical treatments, achieving a balanced, natural look with minimal downtime for patients In the community, Dr. Scheiner dedicates his time to help victims of domestic violence through his involvement on the Board of the Directors of The Spring of Tampa Bay.

Dr. Scheiner welcomes patients from abroad and from the United States to his office and loves helping his patients Restore, Reveal and Reclaim TM their natural beauty.

4303 N. Gomez Ave, Tampa, Florida p 813.367.1915 www.adamscheinermd.com

Hands On Workshops

Level I

< 1 year's experience

Education to meet the needs of clinicians who have had minimal to no experience in using injectable agents


Level II

1 - 3 year's experience

Education for clinicians with some experience but who are interested in expanding the areas of the face they treat, as well as refining injection techniques for increase patient satisfaction.

Don't forget to bring your FDA-approved, injectable agents (obtained from a valid US distributor) and your model for this hands-on session!