What is Palette?

PALETTE® (Progressive Aesthetic Learning Essential to Technical Expertise) is an innovative educational program on nonsurgical facial rejuvenation that provides a continuum of learning opportunities and hands-on instruction for clinicians with any level of experience.

Hands-on workshops are part of the PALETTE educational initiative. Each hands-on workshop will provide physicians and other healthcare professionals with an intensive immersion into the art and science of facial aesthetics.

Please don't forget!

Bring your model and your FDA-approved, injectable agents (obtained from a valid US distributor) to learn advanced injection techniques from the experts in facial aesthectics.

Hands-On Workshops
These small, hands-on Workshops will allow for individualized instruction based upon the experience and needs of each student.
Hands On Workshops

Level I

< 1 year's experience

Education to meet the needs of clinicians who have had minimal to no experience in using injectable agents


Level II

1 - 3 year's experience

Education for clinicians with some experience but who are interested in expanding the areas of the face they treat, as well as refining injection techniques for increase patient satisfaction.

Don't forget to bring your FDA-approved, injectable agents (obtained from a valid US distributor) and your model for this hands-on session!